Marine Sales and Service in Marathon in the Florida Keys

Labor Rates

Marine Repair $80 an hour
Trailer Repair $60 an hour
Bottom Clean $7 a foot
Bottom Clean w/ Acid $10 a foot
Bottom Painting $14 to $18 a foot
Detailing Inside $18 to 20 a foot
Detailing outside $12 to $14 a foot
Forklift Customer Service $100 an hour (min $50)

Storage Rates

Dry Storage In $6 a foot
Yard Storage Boat $4 a foot
Yard Storage Trailer $3 a foot
Wet Slip Monthly $7 a foot W/Power $12 a foot
Wet Slip Transient $2 a foot
Boat Ramp $10 each
Flush & Wash $10
Boat Ramp Service $45

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